The West Franklin High School Theatre presents 

 Nov. 8 & Nov. 9 in the WFHS Multi-Purpose Room. 

Admission is $2

Tons of fun and physical comedy energize this truly “wild” one-act farce.  Revolutionary pet therapist Dr. Marla Brett has recently developed a new pill that she claims will help people better understand their pets.  Her protégé, Dr. Lizzie Linkester, is overjoyed to handle the trial run of the new drug at her veterinarian clinic.  Eager patients, including a US senator, a farmer, and an exterminator, flood the clinic in hopes of learning to communicate better with their pets.  But medical breakthrough turns to chaos as the pet owners return, suffering from an unforeseen side effect — they’re now starting to act like their animals!  Skillfully written so that each actor has his or her moment in the spotlight, you won’t be barking up the wrong tree when you produce this riotous show.  It’s the cat’s meow!