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Congrats Seniors!

The staff and administration of West Franklin High School extend sincere congratulations to all of the members of our graduating class 2020.  We also wish to publicly recognize select members of our senior class for receiving the following honors and scholarship awards.

Al Stowe & Dorothy Tucker Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Dotson & Bonnie Bradbury, to Eli Matthias and Madison Shotton

Appanoose Area Preservation Society Scholarship to Jaiden Layton and Eli Matthias

Appanoose High School Alumni Scholarship to Caitlyn Craig and Lacey Sutton

Carrol Miller Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Vada Miller and family, to Brooke Flory

David L. Zimmerman Scholarship to Madison Shotton
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarship to Madison Shotton

James & Vicki Cain Scholarship, sponsored by the Jim Cain family, to Eli Matthias

Keenan “KT” Shoemaker Scholarship, sponsored by Edith Shoemaker and family, to Cailtyn Craig, Kaden Conway, Brooke Flory, Jaiden Layton, Bailey Leach, Eli Matthias, Riley Milliken, Courtney Reedy, Madison Shotton, Lacey Sutton, and Philip Swank

Merritt Atwell Family Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Merritta Combs and family, to Riley Milliken

Michigan Valley Alumni Scholarship to Caitlyn Craig

Vernon & Elizabeth Parks Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the James Parks family, to Madison Shotton

West Franklin Booster Club to Madison Shotton

West Franklin Teachers Association Scholarship to Caitlyn Craig

Charlene Faringer Trust PEO Scholarship, sponsored by the GL chapter of the  PEO sisterhood, to Caitlyn Craig

Deputy Samuel A. Smith Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, to Eli Matthias

Franklin County Friends of KState Scholarship to Caitlyn Craig

Over the Road Gang Scholarship to Katelyn Crumley

Raymond C. & Margaret Gibson Scholarship, through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, to Caitlyn Craig and Madison Shotton

Steve Grogan Scholarship, sponsored by the Franklin County Community Foundation, to Madison Shotton

University of Kansas Honor Scholars: Shane Birzer, Caitlyn Craig, Brooke Flory, Riley Milliken, Madison Shotton, and Lacey Sutton

Kansas Governor’s Scholars: Caitlyn Craig and Lacey Sutton

Kansas Scholars Curriculum Completers: Kaden Conway, Caitlyn Craig, Brooke Flory, Bailey Leach, Riley Milliken, Madison Shotton, and Lacey Sutton

Kansas Designated State Scholars: Kaden Conway, Caitlyn Craig, and Lacey Sutton

President’s Educational Award for Excellence: Caitlyn Craig, Brooke Flory, Riley Milliken, Madison Shotton, and Lacey Sutton

Dale M. Dennis Excellence in Education Award: Matthew Gilkey

We recognize that these scholarship awards are only made possible through the support of local organizations and families in our communities.  Due to your generosity, the West Franklin Graduating Class of 2020 received a total of $17,850 in scholarship awards.  On behalf of West Franklin High School graduates, we thank our surrounding communities for your ongoing support and selflessness.  Congratulations, Seniors, and best wishes as you start this new chapter in your lives.


Graduation Information

We are pleased to announce that we have received approval for the West Franklin High School Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony. Due to construction on the WFHS campus, we were forced to look for alternative venues to meet the USD 287 Board of Education’s goal of having a ceremony with the entire class present. The City of Ottawa is allowing us to use Ottawa Memorial Auditorium within the guidelines established by the City of Ottawa and with approval of the Franklin County Health Department.

The West Franklin High School Graduation Ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 27 at 10:00 am. All senior honors will be presented during the ceremony prior to the presentation of diplomas. There will be no live music, faculty member attendance, or a reception line following the ceremony.

Because of current guidelines, seating will be limited and all seating will be reserved. Each graduate will be allocated two tickets to ensure we meet the auditorium’s capacity limitations. Graduates and attendees will be seated in every third seat in every other row. We will attempt to keep family members together. Additionally, all individuals in the auditorium will be required to wear a mask. These guidelines are meant to insure the safety of all individuals in attendance.

We understand that these limitations will affect those family members and friends that are unable to attend. Ottawa Memorial Auditorium staff will provide a live stream feed that will be announced closer to the ceremony.

We would like to thank all of the seniors and their parents for their patience during this time. There have been many difficulties in coming up with this plan, but we are providing the seniors with a ceremony that closely resembles a traditional graduation despite all the challenges they have endured during the final moments of their senior year.

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