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Girls Golf

Coach Pat McGonigle 
West Franklin Falcon Girls Golf 


Regionals at Village Greens at Meriden

Virginia Wright     119     tied at 23rd
Courtney Reedy       134    36th

 Jeff West Invitational JV  (Scramble)
 at Village Greens Sept. 30th

Virginia Wright and Courtney Reedy  47    3rd Place Medal
West Franklin Team Score  3rd Place Medals
Virginia Wright
Courtney Reedy
Hannah Voth
Trinity Jenkins

Council Grove Invitational  Sept. 26
Virginia Wright     50      9th Place Medal
Hannah Voth        71
Trinity Jenkins      73
Courtney Reedy   77
Team       271

Results from Silver Lake JV at North Topeka Course
Virginia Wright      45        2nd Place
Trinity Jenkins       60
Hannah Voth         61
Courtney Reedy    62
Team     228

Results from Sept. 19th, 2019
Virginia Wright          62
Courtney Reedy        62
Trinity Jenkins           75
Hannah Voth             79
Team Score    278

Golf Results from Santa Fe Trail Invitational
Hidden Springs  Sept. 17

Virginia Wright      57  Tied for 15th medal but lost with the scorecard playoff
Courtney Reedy    74
Hannah Voth         76
Trinity Jenkins       88
Team Score         295

Results from Sept. 10th, 2019

Virginia Wright       63
Courtney Reedy    73
Trinity Jenkins       79
Hannah Voth         85

Team Score         300