2016/17 KAY Officers
President - Nevaeh Scott
Vice-President - Virginia Wright
Secretary - Breauna Wing
Treasurer - Elizabeth Singer
Point Keeper - Emily Goracke
Publicity - Jaci Gull

The WFMS KAY club strives to help our school, community, 

nation and world by doing different projects throughout the school year.

  Some projects done in the past include: cleaning up the school grounds, canned food drive, 

pop tab donations to the Ronald McDonald House, adopting families for Christmas, 

helping WFHS with Parents Day Out, helping AES at the chili supper,

 making dog toys for local shelters, making donations to

 American Red Cross and many, many more activities.

Common Objectives of the KAY (Kansas Association for Youth) club:

Character (Laugh, Love, Lift)
Health (Physical and Mental)Service (School, Community, Nation, World)Appreciation (Friends, all races, Self)Recreation (Relaxation,recreation)Leadership (Citizenship and Caring)

Trisha Roger, Sponsor