Honor Society


The Honor Society at West Franklin High School volunteers in at least 2 service projects per semester. This school year they will be assisting with the Williamsburg Fall Carnival, helping with the school play, assisting with WFMS Spring Fling, and helping at the Appanoose Chili Supper.


WFHS Honor Society previously used to be affiliated with the National Honor Society and still promotes the same desirable qualities of NHS membership. Membership in the Honor Society recognizes a student’s accomplishments in the areas of high academic achievement, leadership, and service.

Members of the Honor Society also must remain as students in good standing at school. Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student, not an entitlement; the honor may also be revoked if a student fails to uphold the standards of academic achievement, leadership, and service required for membership

Student Activity & Leadership Information Form

Final selection for WFHS Honor Society membership will be made by private majority vote of a five-member advisory council who will use the 5 listed requirements and information from the Activity & Leadership Information Form to make their selection.

Membership selection will occur early in the fall semester each year.

Selection for Membership

A faculty advisor council at West Franklin High School is responsible for selecting students for membership. Their decisions for membership are based upon a student’s academic history, future academic aspirations, leadership, and activity information. Below is a more detailed account of requirements for membership.

To be considered a student must:

  1. Be classified as a junior or senior, must have attended West Franklin for at least one semester, and be in good disciplinary standing.

  2. Achieve a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.65 and be taking coursework towards meeting Kansas Board of Regents Qualified Admissions (coursework including or on track to include Algebra II and Chemistry www.kansasregents.org/qualified_admissions)

  3. Have held at least one office or leadership position in an organization (organizations can be school, church, or community related.)

  4. Have participated in at least one service project. (A service project cannot be something for which a student receives an award or monetary compensation and must be verifiable.)

  5. Must complete or update an Activity & Leadership Information form. Failure to do this in the time allotted by the faculty council will indicate that the student does not wish to be considered for this honor.