WFHS Cross Country

Head Coach: Ryan Hahn

Assistant Coaches: Jessica Bailey and Makayla Hahn

The West Franklin Cross Country Team held their home meet on Thursday at Camp Chippewa. The cooler weather was a welcome change, and it helped the Falcons to 21 season best times.

The middle school races featured improvements of over a minute by Andrew Patterson, Coy Link, Teagan Sink, and Mya Crabtree. Abe Link, Bryce Link, and Kurtis McCormick all ran intelligent, but tough races to set them up well for the final three weeks of their season. Andrew Patterson, Kara McCormick, and Lacy Judd each came away with a medal to show for their strong efforts.

The high school girls race featured a near-perfect team score, with the Falcons taking five of the top six places. Mackenzie Walter made a significant improvement of 40 seconds over her previous best time. The boys race had a similarly strong showing, with six runners in the top nine places to score just 23 points.

Thank you to everyone who came to support the team and help the meet run smoothly. The high school teams will compete at the Rim Rock Classic in Lawrence on Saturday in a race with 45 teams and hundreds of runners.

The results are below. *Middle school medalled the top 20 runners. High school varsity medalled 15.:

7th/8th Grade Girls: Kara McCormick (13th*), Lacy Judd (16th*), Mya Crabtree (22nd)

7th/8th Grade Boys: Andrew Patterson (17th*), Teagan Sink (28th), Abe Link (31st), Kurtis McCormick (34th), Coy Link (39th), Bryce Link (44th)

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Nathan Hassler

Timothy Pearce

Kale Link

Noah King

Kyle Haner

Martir Caceres-Ramos

Lucas Hassler

Andre Snow

Hunter Bailey

Gideon King


Lily Judd

Emma Bailey

Hope Crabtree

Katie Cameron

Mackenzie Walter

Lena Walter